02 August 2014

scratching my joc itch

i wouldn't necessarily call it legal advice, but i received a package a couple of weeks ago from the stackhouse law office in farmington, new mexico.  in it, corey noted that during his time watching albuquerque baseball (it's been the home of the dodger triple-a team since 2009, as it was from 1972 through 2000 with 2003-08 spent as the marlins' triple-a affiliate), joc pederson is the best he's seen.

behind the note were a number of pederson's cards, instantly increasing my joc collection by 10 or so cards.  here they are:

2011 topps pro debut
2012 bowman chrome prospects
2012 bowman prospects
2012 topps heritage minors
2012 topps pro debut
2013 bowman topp 100 insert
2013 bowman chrome cream of the crop mini refractor
2013 bowman chrome draft picks & prospects
2013 bowman draft picks & prospects
2013 bowman platinum prospects
2013 topps heritage minors
2013 topps heritage minors 1964 bazooka style insert
2013 topps pro debut
now i'm sure that this new mexico attorney is not one to fib (saul goodman he is not, i am sure), so i'll take him at his word.  plus, here's the back of the 2013 bowman chrome cream of the crop mini refractor
that's not bad company.

as a dodger fan, i have been following pederson the last four-plus seasons as he has climbed through the organization.  so far in his first season in the abq, he has 23 homers in 94 games to go along with 25 steals and a .315 batting average.  and, as a dodger fan, i recall monster numbers that mike marshall and greg brock and franklin stubbs put up in albuquerque a generation ago.  still, i was a bit nervous at the trade deadline when some talking heads were reporting the pederson was potentially available in trade talks.

listen to the lawyer, ned.

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night owl said...

I see he went to the Joc Pederson store in New Mexico for you, too.