07 August 2014

the original 30 home-run quartet has arrived!

oh man, was i stoked to see a package sitting on the front porch the other day.  it didn't contain any cards, but it did contain some fantastic dodger/team of my youth goodness.  you may recognize the photo of dodgers steve garvey, reggie smith, ron cey, and dusty baker on this 1988 smokey dodgers record-breaker card
as it was (and is) the publicity photo of the first foursome to hit 30 or more home runs in the same season for the same team.  here's the back with the details (and a smokey the bear poster)
that same photo adorned the 1978 dodger media guide, and was featured on the 1978 topps record breaker card that should have been that i created four years ago or so.  speaking of cards that i created, glenn burke gave dusty baker a high-five after baker hit his 30th, and espn recently produced a '30 for 30' short celebrating that celebratory gesture.  reader sharxfan tipped me off that the short used the 1980 topps glenn burke card that should have been that i created as part of my evolution of the 1978 topps dodgers posts.  sure enough, the card is in the film.  topps gets the credit (it is their card design, after all), but it's way cool.

back to the big blue wrecking crew foursome - that same photo adorns the box of the 2014 dodgers bobblehead stadium giveaway from last thursday, july 31, 2014.
i pre-ordered one of these a week or so prior to the game, and my guy packaged the thing up nicely and sent it out right away.  i was pretty pleased when i opened the package up and saw that the other side of the box looks like this
and the bobblehead looks like this
i think it is fantastic that the pavilion (i believe it is the right field pavilion as i assume the foursome posed in front of the third base dugout) was incorporated into the display even if the union 76 logo is absent.  it could be the left field pavilion since both scoreboards were the same shape with the union 76 logo ball on top and used the same technology prior to the diamondvision screen being constructed in left field for the 1980 season.  i also very much appreciate that even the windbreaker cey was wearing under his jersey is represented.

after the infield bobblehead in 2012, i was waiting for another multi-player bobble, and this did not disappoint.  it would be cool to have one of the tri-mvps (cey, steve yeager, and pedro guerrero) of the 1981 world series, or of the three steves (garvey, yeager, and howe) in their celebration after the final out of the 1981 world series, or of the back-to-back-to-back-to-back rookies of the year (rick sutcliffe, howe, fernando valenzuela, and steve sax) or even the back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back rookies of the year (eric karros, mike piazza, raul mondesi, hideo nomo, and todd hollandsworth).  next year is 50 years since the 1965 world series championship, so maybe something to commemorate that is in store for us dodger fans.  i don't plan to collect these things (i only have this one, the infield, a garvey from the mid-2000's, and a vin scully bobble) but the pee wee reese/roy campanella one from earlier this year might wind up on my desk, too.

in related news, i hope dodgerbobble is doing well.


Fuji said...

Those bobbles are awesome! Very cool SGA.

Mark Hoyle said...

Love the card

--David said...

What a fantastic Dodgers addition!!! How very cool!