19 August 2014

big o from big d

so, here's my 1960 topps don drysdale all-star high number card
it's a bit of a diamond cut, but that's ok.  it was one of the last cards i needed to complete my 1960 topps team set, but i've had it for a while now and figured it was worth posting.  the back of the card is fantastic
to see 'moider' in print outside of, say, old mad magazines is great.  too bad there is no mention of 'fershlugginer' or 'potrzebie'.  drysdale's slugging prowess again gets the cartoon treatment on the back of his 1963 topps card
which is kind of crazy because he won the cy young award in 1962.  you'd think topps would have a cartoon with that as the subject.

in all, big d hit 29 homers and drove in 113 runs in his career.  he matched the 7 homers he hit in 1958 with another 7 in 1965, and he even hit .300 that year.  he also hit two homers off of warren spahn that season - one when spahn was with the mets, and the other when spahn was pitching for the giants.  oddly enough, drysdale was 0 for 3 with 2 k's in all-star games, and 0 for 10 with 7 strikeouts in world series play.  so, if there's one fault that drysdale had, it's that he couldn't hit american league pitching.

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Nick said...

I wish I could find a card that shows Drysdale at the plate.