29 August 2014

it's getting a little dusty in here

i am enjoying going back and visiting the early days of dusty baker's managerial career in the 1978 topps dodger evolutionary posts.  i am also enjoying seeing johnnie b. baker in some recent card releases.  i bought a 2014 topps baker autograph recently,
as well as a 2013 panini america's pastime boys of summer auto

and i am looking to add one from this year's panini donruss or topps tier one sometime soon as well.  there are plenty of other baker cards to show from my collection in the meantime.  like this 1981 permagraphic all-stars issue
or a 1981 squirt card
that features the 1978 topps team font and position ball!  good for you, squirt.

here's a 1984 7-11 slurpee coin of johnnie b.
and one of his more recent cards - a 2009 topps ring of honor insert
i guess i am ignoring the fact that dusty has received cards in the topps heritage set in recent years (up to 2014, anyway) as well.  but those were cards of him as a red, not a dodger.  baker was, of course, also a brave, and here is his 1990 pacific legends card showing him in atlanta duds
for some reason, topps decided to go back to atlanta as far as dusty was concerned for 2014 allen & ginter
there were probably too many other dodgers in the checklist already.  like…

…his old teammates bill buckner
 and don sutton
 and his former dodger manager, tom lasorda
 plus there are the current dodgers that needed to be represented in the set, such as adrian gonzalez
zack greinke
clayton kershaw
and yasiel puig
among others.

so, i'll take dusty in a braves uniform from time to time, especially if that limits the cards of him as a giant.

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Mark Hoyle said...

Sometimes you forget that Buckner started as a Dodger