15 August 2012

these are my baseball's greatest moments

i first saw these types of cards at a card show a few years back.  i took a look at the checklist in an old price guide and saw two dodgers - maury wills and wes parker.  i figured i could always use more cards of those two guys, but didn't realize how tough it would be to come across affordable versions of the cards.  most cards are graded and then listed with high reserves or buy it now prices.

after watching various sites for a while, i finally pulled the trigger on both the wills
and the parker
and i now have the complete dodger team set from this curious issue. i wonder if i put on some 3d glasses if wes will look any better.  of course, wills' record was broken by rickey henderson, and parker's achievement is fairly commonplace these days.  back in 1970, however, it had been 11 years since someone (vada pinson) had hit 47 doubles in a season.  since 1970, however, 24 players have matched the feat - including jeff francouer in 2011.

one cool thing about the backs is that the font for the la times header matches the font that the newspaper actually used.  at least according to my memory of reading jim murray's columns with my morning cereal back in the day.

here is a great article about this 55-card set that provides a lot of information.  once again, i am glad i am not a yankee collector.


night owl said...

There are so many sets that I know about but never think to acquire. This is one of them.

Jeremy said...

Nice looking cards. I like the design. They look to be a different size that the standard cards we're used to seeing.