21 August 2012

steve finley's subterranean homesick blues

johnny's in the 
 mixing up the
 i'm on the
 thinking about the
 the man in the
 badge out,
 says he's got a
 wants to get it
 look out
 it's something you
 god knows
 but you're doin' it
 you better duck down the
 lookin' for a
 the man in the
 in the
you only got
 face full of
 talkin' about the
 plants in the
 the phone's tapped
 steve finley says that
 in early may, orders from the
 what you did.  walk on your
 don't try
 better stay away from
 that carry around a
 keep a
 watch the
 you don't need a weather man to know which way the
 get sick,
 hang around an ink well.  ring bell,
 to tell if anything is going to sell.  try hard, get barred.  get back
 jump bail, join the army if you
 look out kid
 you're gonna get hit
 six-time losers hang around the
 girl by the
 lookin' for a
 don't follow
 watch the
 keep warm
 learn to dance, get dressed
 try to be a
 buy gifts, don't steal
 twenty years of schoolin' and they put you on the
 look out kid
 they keep it all
 better jump down a
 light yourself a candle. don't wear sandals, try to avoid the
 don't wanna be a
 you better
 the pump don't work 'cause


[if you aren't getting the reference, go check this out]


Jeremy said...

Nice job! I like Bob Dylan a lot. This was a nice homage to the video.

night owl said...

Way to work the old-school angle. You should win this.

Play at the Plate said...

Mine is written and goes up tomorrow, but I don't think I stand a chance. Nice work.

Carlos Salgado said...

Awesome post..

Scott Sawyer said...

Contest over for me. You are my winner despite what happens after this. Un-freaking-believable post.