16 August 2012

proving hiflew right

hiflew left a comment recently on a post at dime boxes noting that eric young consistently had good cards.  now, i have a large number of eric young cards thanks to his double dipping status as a dodger, as well as the number of double play turns he made that were caught on cardboard.  and, i can assure you, hiflew was right.

case in point, ey's 1993 upper deck sp card
fellow dp turner kurt stillwell takes him out while eric gregg isn't looking.

here's a 1994 topps stadium club super team insert
on which the turn is completed and all vinny castilla can do is stand and admire young's midair acrobatics.

vinny does it again on young's 1994 upper deck card
looks like mike benjamin is going in for an awkward and late slide.  speaking of sliding, ey can do that, too, as evidenced by his 1997 pacific card.
he's losing his helmet, but it looks like he'll get in under mike piazza's leg.  nice to see ey back at dodger stadium on that card, just as he is on his 1997 new pinnacle card.  or is it pinnacle new?
mr. karros, you are out, sir.

back to turning two, young gets a shiny card in the 1998 upper deck 10th anniversary preview insert set
he's turning two one more time on his 1993 topps card
and then there is this acrobatic beauty, a 1998 donruss signature edition card
and that's just scratching the surface of the eric  young collection.  so much better than posed head shots.

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Backstop Cards said...

Nice stash of EY cards! He must have a friend who's a photographer, they didn't seem to pick any boring moments to shoot!