05 August 2012

oh, bowman - why must you confuse me?

ok, this card is pretty straight forward.  it's a 2012 bowman card of matt kemp.  
as i mentioned yesterday, i don't buy bowman product so i get these cards as part of trades.  case in point, the kemp was sent to me by marcus at all the way to the backstop, and it is much appreciated.  also included in the package was this card
it's apparently a 2012 bowman chrome prospects card of joc pederson.  that's what i'm calling it anyway, due to the card number 'bcp104' on the back.  now i am assuming that this card was inserted into a pack of regular old bowman like the one that yielded the kemp card.  typically, i categorize inserts by the base set that they come with.  that's why posts where i show a gold parallel or a mini or a crazy looking insert will just be labeled with the basic set from which it came.  i can't have labels like '2010 topps update vintage legends' or some such nonsense.  like this next card, which came from 2012 topps archives, but is a 1958 topps combos insert.
to me, it is 2012_toppsarchives_kershaw-koufax, not 2012_toppsarchives1958toppscombo_kershaw-koufax.  so, back to the bowman chrome prospects card.  normally i would just call it 2012_bowman_pederson_chrome, but bowman has me so confused that i broke down and labeled it with the bowman chrome prospects tag.

thank goodness there were some good old fashioned non-insert cards included in the trade.  some double plays to boot!  here's a 1993 upper deck mariano duncan, with not one
but two turns at second.
hello, mike scioscia!

luis rivera
over jorge (george) bell

a couple of twinkies - 2012 topps trevor plouffe
and 1992 score greg gagne
and finally mike brumley's 1992 score card
with an almost unnoticed appearance by cal ripken, jr.

thanks for all the cards, marcus.  especially the ones that were easy for me to catalog.

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John Bateman said...

I think Topps has Bowman down to a tee. It is fun to collect and it does not have all those unneccessary inserts. They tier the chrome cards to make them more collectable.