09 August 2012

quien es mas macho?

i haven't done one of these for a while, but when i saw these two cards together in a trade package recently sent to me by spiegel of nomo's sushi platter, i knew a head-to-head matchup was in order.

what we have here are two cards from the 1995 upper deck collector's choice set.  they both feature young dodger outfielders with high expectations and a similar card pose.  which is the better card? you be the judge.

first up, it's karim garcia
garcia is sporting a jersey with ripped sleeves.  he is properly using his throwing hand to feel for the wall, but it looks like he might have his eyes closed while trying to make the fake catch.  i can't tell if he has a ball in his glove or not.  if not, his glove shouldn't be closed like that.

next up, it's todd hollandsworth
todd definitely has a ball in his glove, and his eyes are open.  however, the angle at which he is 'catching' the ball relative to the fence is not the way a fielder would do it unless the fence is parallel to the foul line.  in fact, this fence is almost certainly not in fair territory given its height and the screening attached to it to keep out prying eyes.  finally, holly's jersey does not appear to be torn, purposefully or otherwise.

so, what do you think - which card is better? 

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