03 August 2012

looks like i won my own contest

not too long ago i had a contest for a 2004 upper deck legends 'timeless teams' pedro guerrero autographed card.  the card was won by spiegel from nomo's sushi platter, and he turned around and sent me some dodger cards just because.  and, lest you think that the contest was rigged, i assure you that had that been the case, a non-dodger collector would have won so that i could maximize the dodger haul in return. 

here are some of the boys in blue that were sent my way, starting with a 2009 topps 206 pee wee reese
i have mentioned many times that topps needs to get some new photos of pee wee, jackie and the duke if they are going to keep making cards of them.  at first glance, i was happy to see this image, but then i realized that it is just a more closely cropped version of the staged double play turn topps has used on other cards, most recently (i believe) a 2010 vintage legends insert.

staying in 2009, here is a shiny red (yes, red) 2009 upper deck icons card of matt kemp
those in the know call it 'retail red' so maybe it was from target or walmart or some such retail only issue of the product.  i had not seen one before, so i am happy to have it in my collection.

i am still in need of some cards to finish the 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee set.  here's a nice black bordered card that spiegel included
looks like daric barton is searching for droids down on tattooine.  i wonder if he ran into brooks robinson down there.

there were also a few double play cards in the package, like this 2000 topps stadium club miguel tejada
with a nomar sighting!

plus a couple from 1993 upper deck - lou whitaker
and bill doran
and, it wouldn't be a double play post without a walt weiss card.  this one's from 1992 donruss
thanks for the cards spiegel! and thanks for winning my contest!

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Spiegel83 said...

Thanks for the post. I have fun searching for cool looking double play cards to send your way. Go Dodgers!