25 March 2012

your honors, your honor

i have been in fairly serious organizing mode lately - a side effect of trying to get the 'greatest double play card of all time' tournament set up.  anyway, i came across some cards from the 2004 playoff honors set that i hadn't previously seen, like this jason frasor card.
frasor is the guy we traded away to get jayson werth from the blue jays back in 2004.  i think rookie cards were short prints in the 2004 playoff honors set, so i'm not surprised that i was surprised by this card in 2012.  frasor pitched for the jays until last year, when he was sent to the white sox.  he's back with toronto now, however.

there were a number of inserts and subsets with this set - here's a card from the 'awards' insert set, this one featuring the 1988 national league cy young award winner
they even recycled the photo for the prime signatures insert set
my copy, of course, is without the signature.  i'm not sure why they issued non-signed versions as the card is clearly meant to be signed.

here's why i was pondering the 2004 playoff honors cards in the first place - double plays.  like rafael furcal
before he was a dodger, and his double play partner marcus giles
with a kneeling umpire.

derek jeter has a dp card too
which was certainly taken during the 2003 world series since that's juan pierre sliding in head first to try to break up the double play.  while i'm thinking of pierre, he got a pretty nice card in the set as well
which is similar to nomad's card
i am left to wonder, however, why playoff didn't put the player names and positions on the bottom of the landscape cards.  they rotated the team logos, but the cards would have been a bit better if everything were oriented properly. in my opinion anyway.

back to organizing.  who knows what else i will uncover...

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