31 March 2012

mission accomplished! and then some.

so, i went to the big card show last night.  no mr. mint, but there were a lot of people who were there to have things authenticated.  i found that strange.  i was there before the doors opened so it wasn't crowded at all.  there were dealers from all over the midwest, including a guy i have bought from before who hails from indiana.  he fulfilled my goal of picking up a 1959 topps sandy koufax
which completed my dodger team set from that year.  the best thing about this dealer was that he was charging pretty much the same that i would have spent on ebay for a similar card.  that's nice.  he also sold me a 1964 topps koufax
which completed my 1964 topps dodger team set.  i was on a roll.  i also completed my 1961 topps dodger team set by picking up this 1961 topps nl strikeout leaders card featuring both koufax and don drysdale
i also trimmed some other team set needs by picking up a 1954 topps gil hodges
and a 1958 topps duke snider
i even picked up a few cards for some fellow bloggers.  this one (or the one i already owned)
will go to jacobmrley towards his rookie cup quest, and this one goes to captain canuck.
i should have scanned the front - clyde king has some serious charles nelson reilly glasses.  i picked up a couple of things for some other folks too, so watch your mail.

i also picked up a card that wasn't on my want list, but had to be had thanks to the price and the double play on the front
yes, it's beat up, but i wouldn't have a 1956 yankee card be any other way.

i also completed my 1973 topps set (assuming that i get the cards i ordered last week in the mail) and picked up some other cards as well.  all in all it was a good run through without having to deal with the autograph crowds that i'm sure are there today and will be there tomorrow.


Captain Canuck said...

1959, 1961, and 1964 all done?! Awesome!

I'm close myself... but a couple of guys named Warren and Henry are holding me back.

Dodgerbobble said...

Nice pickups and congrats on finishing the team sets!

After the '55 Koufax, I think the '59 is my favorite.

Stealing Home said...

i was trying to get that same 59 koufax in ebay last night. i saw your post and thought - wow - i was bidding against you !
anyways..i slept and didnt get it as there was no congrats letter in my email.
great dodgers pickups. no, fantasic ones.

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Man those are sweet. Great pick ups!