30 March 2012

driving in mister roberts

hey - look at that!  dave roberts and shawn green hanging out in the cheap seats!
actually, i am guessing that they were standing in front of a green screen for the photo.  still, this is not a view that is shown on baseball cards, and i appreciate it.  it's near the 'top of the park' which is where the team store is (was?).  thanks to the topography of the dodger stadium site, the highest level of seats in the stadium (the ones behind roberts and green) are also at ground level.

aside from the nice shot of dodger stadium, the card is somewhat confusing.  the back starts with text about roberts 'setting the table', enabling green to have 'an rbi feast in 2002.'
yes, they mention roberts' obp of .368 (in the first half of the season), but fail to say how many runs green drove in, how many runs roberts scored, and how many times green drove in roberts. is that good paragraph structure?  regardless, baseball reference tells me that green had 114 rbi in 2002, and that he plated roberts 16 times, a full fourth of roberts' 63 runs on the year.  in 2003, green had only 85 rbi, but drove in roberts (who scored only 56 runs) 17 times.

why donruss went with 2002 stats on a 2004 card when the 2003 stats made more sense is beyond me.  maybe we are meant to just look at the pretty picture of dodger stadium and not bother with the text on the back.


Stealing Home said...

the top of the park souvenir store is still there :)

Dodgerbobble said...

I love this card. I got mine signed by Dave Roberts and hope to have Green sign it as well.