01 March 2012

not just a double dipper, dioner navarro is a double lurker

he may not have had a card in the 2011 topps set, nor have a team in 2012 (yet), but dodger double dipper dioner navarro is so far taking up space on two topps cards in their 2012 flagship set.  here's javy guerra's card
on which navarro is offering some postgame congratulations to the dodgers' young closer.  and then there is george kottaras' card
on which navarro is out at the plate!

i don't know and didn't bother to try to figure out which game is represented on the guerra card, but the kottaras card was easy - it was the only game kottaras appeared in against the dodgers all year.

8/15/11, a game best remembered for james loney hitting into a triple play in the second inning, also included navarro being thrown out at the plate by jerry hairston (now a dodger) with kottaras applying the tag in the third inning. the score was 0-0 at that point, and the dodgers went on to lose 3-0.  worth noting that navarro flew out in the 7th inning with the bases loaded while all three brewer runs came on solo shots.

the brew crew won the game behind another dodger double dipper, randy wolf.  ted lilly, who by my definition is not a double dipper since he did not appear in a game for the dodgers during his first run with the organization, took the loss.

keep 'em coming, topps - i can use some more navarro lurker cards!

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