11 March 2012

i almost forgot

i got carried away with the 1973 topps cards in my last post, and i forgot to mention that royals and randoms also sent me some other cards, including this shiny 2009 topps roy campanella walmart blaster card
and this green-framed border duke snider card from 2011 topps gypsy queen
and a set need for my 1971 topps pursuit - phillie shortstop larry bowa
a card chock full of lurkers.  seeing this bowa card come in the mail reminded me that larry himself had sent me some stuff a while back.  i had picked up a double of his card from the 2008 topps dodger premium 55-card set
and at some point sent it his way.  he returned it pretty quickly, too.
the auto isn't too different from the one on the 1971 card, either.

thanks josh. and larry!

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