20 March 2012

karma karma karma karma karma camilli

it used to be that the only dolph camilli card i had was this 2006 upper deck sp legendary cuts card
that was until i picked up his 1961 fleer card
after it enjoyed a lengthy stay on my nefarious 9 list.  camilli was the dodgers' first baseman from 1938 to 1943, winning the league's mvp award in 1941 after hitting 34 homers and driving in 120 runs.  the photo on the card does in fact feature him in a dodger uniform; it's obvious thanks to the 'b' on his hat.  the patch on his arm gives it away too - and dates the photo to 1938.  that was the season that the dodgers wore a patch to advertise the world's fair that was coming to new york in 1939.

in his final season with the dodgers, camilli played alongside a youngster named gil hodges.  about 18 years later, his son doug was suiting up for the dodgers alongside hodges.  that's pretty cool, just like that 1961 fleer card.

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Orioles Magic said...

Thanks for introducing a new name to me, and I really like your new card of Dolph.