16 March 2012

why did i scan this card?

this 1990 swell baseball greats card of dodger utility man lee lacy has been sitting in my scanned folder for a long time.
so long that i don't recall why i scanned it.  i know it wasn't for lacy's double dipper post, as i try my best to use only cards from a player's playing days, and lacy had cards in real-time to document his goings and comings. 

maybe it was the fact that someone considered lacy to be a baseball great.  don't get me wrong - i am a fan as leondaus is a member of the 1978 topps dodgers - but i don't know that he was a great player, especially for the dodgers.  his best years were with the pirates for whom he hit over .300 in 4 of 6 seasons.  he also played well at the end of his career in baltimore.  still, i'm happy to have another card of a 1978 topps dodger.  that's probably why the card got scanned.
the same can't be said for this 1990 pacific legends tom paciorek
paciorek was traded with lacy to the braves in the dusty baker deal after the 1975 season.  he went on to have his best years with the mariners and white sox, hitting his peak in 1981 when his .326 average was good for second in the american league and he finished 10th in the mvp voting.  not very legendary.  but, like the lacy card, i am happy to have another dodger card of one of the guys selected in that legendary 1968 draft.  shoot.  that's why i scanned the card - i was planning a post on that draft class.

i hate when that happens.


Cory said...

I miss Wimpy and the Hawk when watching the ChiSox.

Roberto Baly said...

The great Lee Lacy! He's always nice enough to sign cards at Dodger Stadium.