27 December 2011

this card is bullshirt

there was so much potential for frank robinson's 1973 topps card.  it would have been one of the first dodger cards to feature in-game action, and more importantly, would have been his only regular base topps card showing him as a member of the dodgers.  as thankful as i am for the 1972 topps 'traded' card, i would have liked to have a good ol' regular base card with frobby's stats on the back.  that's why i am annoyed with topps that they only airbrushed out 'dodgers' on his jersey.  it would have been better had they found a head shot and airbrushed the heck out of it, like they did for bill singer.

anyway, i was once again perturbed in 2002 when i picked up this card from topps' american pie release
couldn't they have at least put the 'dodgers' script back on his chest?  actually, using a picture of him in an angels uniform would have made more sense since the jersey piece is certified by topps to be from a uniform robinson wore during the 1973 season.

so, there are still too few cards with frank robinson as a dodger, although i did recently discover this 1980-88 baseball immortals card
who knew?  this card makes sense only if duke snider's card from the set shows him as a met, or if they would have shown steve carlton as a twin or giant had the set continued to be expanded into the 1990's.  at any rate, it's nice to see 'dodgers' on frank robinson's shirt.

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Anonymous said...

One of these Baseball Immortals sets has Robin Roberts as a Cub.