10 December 2011

biggio gets his due

his double play due, that is.  like walt weiss and kurt stillwell, craig biggio has a bunch of cards showing him making the double play turn at second base.  here are a few.

i put these two cards, 1997 topps and 1997 new pinnacle, together, thinking that maybe they were from the same play in which biggio jumps over the bulky giant, barry bonds.
i don't think they are the same play, since both guys are wearing shorter sleeves on the topps card.

here's the back of biggio's 1997 upper deck card, with mark parent sliding in at wrigley
being in the nl central, there were a lot of cubs/astros matchups at wrigley.  in fact, the only non-dodger game i have been two at wrigley featured those two juggernauts.
here's biggio's 1998 donruss card with another cub sliding in
1998 donruss must be underrated, because i like this card yet i don't think i have posted any other '98 donruss cards.  i'll have to see if the rest of the set (or at least the dodgers) are as nice as this card.

biggio also turned double plays in san diego, as shown on his 1998 upper deck card - front
and back.  duck, wally joyner!
fast forward a couple of years, and here is another turn, this one at riverfront.  2002 fleer maximum and 2002 upper deck authentics (in which upper deck used its own 'vintage' design instead of stealing one of topps').  pretty sure this is the same play
although i am too lazy to prove it.

some of these may make it into the 'greatest double play card of all-time' tournament, coming soon...

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