21 December 2011

a call to order

i recently completed a trade with the angels in order.  i sent him some angels, he sent me some dodgers.  let's see how i made out by checking out just a few of the cards i received.

here's a 1994 topps mike piazza card
i was full of anticipation for this card back in early 1994 (or was it late 1993?) and was beyond disappointed.  it is essentially the same photo topps used for piazza's 1993 topps traded card, and lacks any sort of 'pop' in terms of color.  so disappointing.

although it could have been worse.  here's a 1994 leaf studio piazza.
that's worse.

speaking of worse, check out this 1997 pinnacle piazza card
adding insult to injury, the strongest man in socal not only tagged out the astros runner, but he is also punching the poor houstonian in the nuts.
here's a 1996 leaf hideo nomo checklist card that i had not seen before
when i flipped it over, i realized why.
all those crazy marty cordova collectors have been hoarding these cards.
i also received a 2009 topps heritage mayo insert of manny ramirez
who apparently has applied for reinstatement.  i wonder who is advising manny.  i would have told him to serve his suspension last year even if he really thought he wanted to retire.  now he has to sit out 100 games before he can come back when he could have had that out of the way.  what a dumb strategy.

there was also a 1998 pinnacle inside 'stand up guys' insert featuring various body parts of four of the dodgers five consecutive rookies-of-the year (sorry holly).  here's the side with eric karros and mike piazza's backsides
and here's raul mondesi and nomo's front sides.  mostly.
so, i had to go out and get the other card to complete my stand up dodger quad
this card seems to feature a mythological beast - a fabiotaur - half nomo, half karros
i also picked up another card from the insert set featuring nomo and what i assume to be greg maddux. 
i thnk randy johnson was on the other side with another pitcher whose name escapes me at the moment.  anyway, this was a great trade. i got some cards that inspired me to go out and buy more cards. 

nothing out of order about that!


The Angels In Order said...

Thanks as well for the Angels you sent over!

Matthew R said...

Mr. Piazza is getting a knee down there, so perhaps it was a draw.