02 December 2011

let's get retired in here

topps lineage didn't do much for me.  i prefer my retired dodgers in sets of their own, i suppose.  like topps' aptly named 2003 release, topps retired.  i believe there are rules today against sets like that, but back then i could revel in my retired dodgers, including steve garvey as 'not a padre'.  i am certain i have the garvey from the set, and likely a couple of the parallels, but i am not sure that i have the maury wills or the tom lasorda.  i do have the other dodgers, including ron cey
that's an early photo of the penguin in vero beach used for the primary shot on the card.  the inset is from a few years later with his mustache in full force.

here's don sutton
whose photos are both early in the career images.  it's odd to see sutton without his hat on a baseball card, but i suppose topps had pretty much every player doff the cap just in case they were traded back then.  i can't imagine al campanis giving up on sutton in the late 60s or early 70s.
here's johnny podres
as he exits a penitentiary, apparently.  i would guess the big photo is from the late 50s, while the inset is from circa 1965.
i also picked up the podres auto a few months ago
players like podres look funny in chrome.  i don't think it was meant to be for players of his era.

and then there is don newcombe
i love that he was included in the set, but sad to see him as a redleg.  apparently, topps only had the one photo of him from his time in cincy.  still, it's nice to see newk in a modern set, and i am sure there were some reds collectors who were pleased to not get another tony perez card.  actually, perez was a red in this set, too.  but you get the idea.


The Angels In Order said...

What a sweet set. I'll have to look into any Angels in there.

Reivax said...

Angels in Order, the only Angel I have from it is Nolan Ryan. It's nice picture, but like rest of set, it's a posed windup and not a live in game shot.

Reivax said...

oh, there's also a Jimmy Piersall as an Angel, but I have only seen it, don't own it.