31 December 2011

a cavalcade of legends - one of which can be yours!

hey there! don't forget that in a couple of days i will launch my 'timeless teams' blog - a celebration and critique of upper deck's 2004 legends set, featuring 300 base cards, on-card autos, fold-out relics, numbered parallels and more.  become a follower today!

and, if you follow and/or hype the site on your blog between now and 1/8/12, you will be added to a drawing to win this steve yeager auto from the set.  
or maybe one just like it - i have 2 and am not sure which one i scanned.  just be sure to become a follower and/or let me know about a link to the site in one of your blog posts on or before the 8th.  if you do both, you will get two entries.

just for fun, here are just a couple of the other dodger autos i have from the set, each of which will be featured at some point on the new blog.

jesse orosco - the subject of a future dodgers double dipper post
and alejandro pena
timeless teammates from the 1988 dodgers' timeless team!
and, just for good measure, here's another former dodger, terry forster, showing off the bronze parallel
with a back showing the 'old' anaheim stadium - before it was 'disney-fied'
so - check out the site.  it'll be better than a big tub of goo.


The Angels In Order said...

I remember that view from the upper deck at the Big A when I was a kid.

gcrl said...

yes, me too - i liked having the 'big a' so close to the stadium.

MrMopar said...

Maybe you know the answer to this: Garvey has 4 cards...I have not seen too many of the bronze parallels to this set. I had all of the Golds quickly, but not the bronze. I believe I still need 2 of the bronze parallels (IF THEY EVEN EXIST?).

Do you know if the bronze set was a complete parallel to the entire set?

If so, I do not get how cards numbered to 50 can be so impossible to find!!!

dominicfdny said...

I would love to get that yeager auto yeager ruled

gcrl said...

curt - the official upper deck checklist shows the bronze parallel to be a full checklist parallel set. i agree, though - the /50 cards seem to surface pretty rarely.

Jeff Laws said...

Looking forward to your new blog. I plugged it here.


MrMopar said...

Wouldn't you know it. I whine a little about not seeing 2 of the 4 and then I am cruising COMC this evening and there is a freshly listed Bronze Garvey for $3. It is the 1981 version, and I can't remember which ones I had, so I quickly snap it up at full price (I normally offer less). Turns out I needed it!!

I now have base, bronze and gold for all 4 versions except the 1980 bronze! Looks like I am slowly creeping towards completion. It's only been 6 years since the cards came out!! If anyone can help a brotha out...

I have never seen a 1/1 for the base cards, but I did land the only auto 1/1 I saw offered, the 1974 version.