20 December 2011

filling in the blanks with some 1975 topps cards that should have been

well, there weren't too many missed opportunities when it came to the dodgers' infield and topps in 1975.  steve garvey got his due on an mvp card and the nlcs recap card, and ron cey, bill russell and davey lopes didn't do much to deserve any cards other than their base cards.  there weren't any other subsets that screamed 'gcrl' either.  but, thanks to steelehere's suggestion, i do have a 1975 topps card that should have been - a steve garvey 'highlights' card necessitated by his write-in candidacy and mvp performance in the all-star game.
here's the back
it is modeled after the hank aaron highlight card
although i chose not to use the all-star 'star', since garvey got that on his base card.  here's the back of the aaron card just to be complete about it.
i thought it turned out pretty nicely.

while i was at it, i thought of another card possibility.  in the world series subset, all but one of the cards celebrate the a's (which makes sense, as they won the world series 4 games to 1).  ron cey lurks on one of them, and the lone 'dodger' card of the group features joe ferguson and walt alston most prominently.  that's all well and good, but how about highlighting the biggest play from game 1, even if the dodgers wound up losing the game?  here's a card with steve yeager holding the ball triumphantly after tagging out sal bando courtesy of joe ferguson's throw from right field.
we even get bill russell and davey lopes in the background!  much better than the reggie jackson image that topps featured for their game 1 recap.
here are a few more cards that should have been, including a couple of burt hooton 'traded' cards that i made for the facebook page '1975 topps traded'.
he is 'happy' to be in dodger blue, apparently.  here's an 'action' shot i took from a dodger postcard
altering the back was easy, since there was no team affiliation listed on the backs of the 75's.  here's his regular topps back
i just added a 't' like they did in 1974.
the dodgers sent geoff zahn to the cubs in the deal, so here's his card that should have been
here's his real 1975 topps card, with a picture taken just outside the dodger dugout
i used zahn's 1976 topps card for the image
the other player in the deal was eddie solomon, and i made a card for him, too.
that is a combination of his 1978 topps card and zahn's 1976 card (the cubs uni).  i should have scanned the 1978 card at a higher resolution, apparently.
for the record, here is solomon's actual 1975 topps card
and, just to get it out of my 'scanned' folder, here is a 1975 topps gaylord perry card i made as well.
if you're on facebook, stop by the 1975 topps traded page and say hello.  tell them gcrl sent you.

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As always, great work!