28 December 2011

lewallyn due time

dennis lewallyn, a dodger from 1975-1979, is currently working for the cubs as their minor league pitching coordinator.  that's where i sent a couple of cards last season, hoping that he would sign them for me.  a few months later, i was happy to see them back in my mailbox.  here's his 1978 topps card that should have been
he also signed his 1982 topps card, his lone mainstream card as far as i am aware.
these two cards go well with another lewallyn autograph i have.  it was on the inside cover of a 1976 dodgers' photo album i picked up a few weeks ago
lewallyn wasn't featured in the album, so that's why the inside cover is signed instead of a photo.  a nice group of autographs, likely signed 35 years apart.

thanks dennis!

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