09 December 2011

free paul konerko

no, i don't mean to say that he should be released from the south side or anything like that, i mean that i got this card - a 1998 upper deck blue chip prospect insert
for free.  sort of.  it was a bonus card from sportlots.  it used to be that the points you accrued with every order and every feedback given could be redeemed for cash to be used on future orders.  now you have to choose from some pretty bad cards.  wilson betemit rookie, anyone?

the konerko card i got isn't too bad, although it took a good chunk of my points.  i had never seen any of these cards before.  some of the other players in the insert set include alex rodriguez, derek jeter, vladdy, todd helton, and miguel tejada.  plus some middle of the road guys like aaron boone and livan hernandez.  and then there is also todd dunwoody. that would not be a bonus.

anyway, it turns out i could have bought the card for $4 online.  from sportlots.

here's to you, my $4 bonus card.

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