06 January 2010

(hall of famer) andre dawson through the mail success!

congratulations to the hawk on his induction into the hall of fame.  he signed and returned this 1978 topps card to me pretty quickly not too long ago.

that's a pretty nice signature.  i included a donation to his foundation, as he requests.

i'm not sure i ever thought of dawson as a hall of famer while he was playing, but that doesn't mean he wasn't one.  heck, i thought steve garvey would be at the worst a second ballot guy.

thanks (and congratulations) andre!


zman40 said...

how much does he ask for on the donations?

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Nice card! Congrats on that one.

gcrl said...

zach - i believe he requests $10 or $15 for cards. somewhere i have the official 'form' he sent when he returned the card, but i can't seem to find it. i sent $10 with my request.

Tony said...

Congrats to Andre, and it's about time. He should been in a long ago.
Could you please link me to your OPC blog? I've started a blog about my quest to get the 1977 OPC set autographed (as much as possible).
Thank you.