12 January 2010

i am joe collector monthly box break bonanza!

i am a happy man, now that i am joe collector has two monthly box breaks.  in the first, the team i have had for the past few months has been the twins.  that's ok, although the one month i traded them to motherscratcher for the dodgers was the only month with any twins hits.  anyway, in the second break, i have the big blue wrecking crew, and boy did it pay off last month.  2008 playoff prime cuts and 2009 sweet spot were the products, and here is what i received:

from the prime cuts break, i got a duke snider card.

it's numbered to 249, i think, if that sort of thing matters to you.

i did better with the sweet spot break.  i'm not sure if i have all of the base dodgers now, but it's got to be close.

here's manny:

he's not pleased with the way i scanned his card.  too far to the right.  sorry manny.

russell martin

i hope topps goes back to calling him russell.  russ doesn't seem to work as well.

hiroki kuroda

the only one of these guys in the home whites, although i am guessing it's a spring training shot and not a dodger stadium one.

clayton kershaw

sometimes i wish the dodgers had a facial hair rule like some other teams.  monty burns would never stand for this sort of thing.

matt kemp

the bison doesn't need to look the ball into his glove.  no sir.

chad billingsley

a year ago, i was wondering whether the broken leg he suffered at the beginning of the postseason would prevent him from starting the season on time.  now i wonder if it wouldn't have been better if he missed some time up front so that he could, in theory, finish strong.

hey - it's billingsley again!

with a silver auto on a black ball.  one of charlie finley's failed experiments.

and mark loretta!

with an auto on a piece of wood.  now, don't get me wrong - loretta had a big hit for the dodgers in the nlds - but he should not have a hit in this product.  he doesn't even have a base card as far as i can tell.  this is just wrong.  but i'm a dodger fan so i'll be ok.  looking forward to the jamey carroll relics in 2010!

finally, the piece de resistance as some might say

a redemption thingy good for a matt kemp 'skin-red stitch black ink'.  that sounds like a tattoo.  hm. anyway, i redeemed it yesterday and it says it's in stock so you know what that means...yes, the official redemption watch is on!  check it on the right.

thanks jeff.  can't wait to see what january brings!

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night owl said...

Good stuff. I've been totally shut out of the Joe Collector break from the beginning. Of course it would help if I cared about more than one team.