28 January 2010

jim poole and another team collector dilemma

i was never a fan of the team usa subsets - either in 1985 topps or in the topps traded sets of 1988 or 1991 or 1992 and beyond - even though there were some good players included such as mark mcgwire, jason giambi and nomar!  to make matters worse, jim poole was included in the 1988 topps traded set.

i'm sure jim's a nice guy, but he wreaked havoc on my team collector psyche.  why?  look at the back:

he is a dodger farmhand.  actually, the dodgers drafted him in 1987, too, but he didn't sign.  jim would debut for the dodgers in 1990 before heading to the american league where he found some success with the mid 90's powerhouse indians team.  but, he was a dodger first.  so, does the 1988 topps traded jim poole card make the dodger binder?  what's a team collector to do?


Anonymous said...

Poole was drafted in 1988 and made his pro debut with Vero Beach that year. I'd count him, especially since you seem to already have the card.

Then again, I'm blowing off a World Baseball Classic card that has a shot of David Wright with Derek Jeter -- so I'm not exactly being consistent with my advice.

MattR said...

nope. he wasn't a big leaguer yet when the card was made

Anonymous said...

I'd say no...only Dodgers in the Dodger binder (once I get around to making them) for me. Of course his makes it tough later on when Upper Deck makes cards with Andruw Jones depicted in a Braves uniform with a Braves uniform relic with a Dodger logo. /facepalm

zman40 said...

I cannot help you on that one. But, personally, I like the USA sub-sets.

night owl said...

My rules: If he is wearing a Dodger uniform he's a Dodger. If he is listed with the Dodgers on the front, he is a Dodger. If there is no writing on the front, but the writing on the back says he's a Dodger, he's a Dodger.

There is writing on the front of this card. It says Poole's team is "USA." Therefore, not a Dodger.

'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

If you don't already own this card, you can probably grab one for less than a quarter. For that reason alone, I say 'Yes'.