21 January 2010

i have been bipped, in a manner of speaking

i would have guessed it would have been beardy to do the trick, but instead, it was rod from padrographs.  fitting, i suppose, since bip roberts spent the bulk of his career with the pads.  fortunately for me, my bipping wasn't, by rule, a true bipping - i got at the most only 2 of any card - but there were about a dozen bip cards altogether.  here's a sampling:

double play bip - on 1992 score (featuring alfredo griffin as 'the sliding into second lurker')

and on 1992 donruss

and on 1994 upper deck (in his second stint with the friars)

under the watchful eye of the umpire bip - on 1991 fleer

and 1990 upper deck

 bip at the plate - on his 1990 score card

and bip on the basepaths - on his 1995 upper deck card

i am going to accuse upper deck of using an old photo of bip on this card because i believe he gave up number 10/couldn't get it back after rejoining the club in 1994 to/from gary sheffield.

bip even showed up on one of the other cards rod sent - a 1994 upper deck felix fermin double play turn

that's bip sliding in with his number 3 jersey.

i will point out that rod included a few other cards that i collect (plays at the plate) as well as a steve garvey card - as a dodger, no less!

thanks rod!


Rod said...

i think Garv is even in the background of one of the bip cards

gcrl said...

rod - i thought the same thing (on the 90 score), but figured score wouldn't use such an old photo.

Captain Canuck said...

Garvey played for the Dodgers too???


Rod said...

Maybe Jack (ugh) Clark

gcrl said...

i feel your pain. i have a jack clark post set up for tomorrow. and the focus isn't even on 1985!