15 January 2010

1986 o-pee-chee cesar cedeno - the card(s) that should have been

i've been on an o-pee-chee kick lately, with the kicking off of my side project 'oh my o-pee-chee (oh mon o-pee-chee)'.  check it out, won't you?  the intent there is to document each and every variation issued by the canadian card maker between 1971 and 1987, with a few stops in other years as well.

anyway, there have been some variations that were never made that i have taken the liberty of creating myself.  the first was the 1978 willie crawford card, and i suppose my 1983 manny mota card would qualify as a checklist variation had it been made (hey - he was an origianl expo, so it could have happened!).

the next in this short line of history rewritten is the 1986 cesar cedeno card.  here is his official o-pee-chee card, showing him as a member of the cardinalscedeno had finished the 1985 season in saint louis after being traded from the reds in august.  the cardinals released him after the season, and he signed with toronto in march of 1986, so, here's the 1986 o-pee-chee card that should have been:right?  well, cedeno never played for the blue jays.  they released him right before the season started.  luckily for cedeno, the dodgers picked him up a week later and actually added him to the roster.  this, then, is the o-pee-chee card that should have been: it turns out that o-pee-chee had it right all along, because, after 37 games with the dodgers, cedeno was released and then signed as a free agent by, you guessed it, the cardinals.

voici à vous, 1986 cesar cedeno, whichever one should have been!


madding said...

I love this stuff. I need to learn photo editing.

daniel john said...

Truly cool stuff, the dodgers picked him up a week later and actually added him to the roster.

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