08 January 2010

hey there delino

you know that you had better do what delino wants you to do and take note that i will be launching a side project: 'oh my o-pee-chee!' hey - if night owl is doing it, it must be all right.

the blog will celebrate the glory of o-pee-chee variations and exclusives, like this 1988 delino deshields card.

that is one sweet card, and it's only possible to enjoy because of o-pee-chee!  things should be up and running very soon. 

add a link, become a follower, and hype the site on your blog (and let me know about it) and i'll send you an o-pee-chee card from the team of your choice (although you can't choose any team that didn't exist before 1993).  that's right, we're not going to celebrate o-pee-chee premier or upper deck's lame 2009 offering (although i am still trying to complete that set), and i really won't spend much time with the sets after 1987 (the last year of what i consider the true team variations).  i know, that delino is from 1988, but he and i have an understanding.

looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Cool. I won that card from Andy's 88 Topps blog, still have it. I had never seen it before, so I thought I was pretty cool.

Jim said...


I've hyped your new blog over in The Phillies Room, in true O-Pee-Chee style: