06 January 2010

let's turn two with roberto alomar through the mail successes!

three times i have sent a ttm request to roberto alomar, and three times he has quickly signed and returned a card.  first was this 1990 upper deck cardmust be spring training since i am pretty sure that's a california angel rolling around in the dirt.

next was another double play turn, this time as a blue jay on his 1994 topps card.kind of cool that his brother is the one sliding in.  i am sure sandy jr. went in hard.  i would have if it were my brother.

finally, a 1991 topps.
not a double play turn, but one of my favorite sets of the decade, and a good one for autographs.

so, the question is, were these cards signed by a hall-of-famer or not?  we'll know in about 5 hours.

thanks robby! and good luck!

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Tony said...

I guess the answer is NOT, but he should have been in on the first try. The Hall of Fame voting process is an absolute disgrace. Player's stats don't change. Alomar is still going to have 2700 or so hits next year, he is still going to be a lifetime .300 hitter. He is still going to be one of the top two or three 2nd basemen of the last 30 years. Was he penalized for playing in Toronto? Was Dawson, Carter and Raines being kept out for so long because they were Expos? Was it for spitting? Guess what, the HOF is full of boozers, womanizers, and bad eggs, and recent inductees who were terrible people to the press and fans, and there are much worse players who did worse things. Too bad there wasn't an election process that the fans could be a part of. The BBWAA should stop with their personal vendettas and let the stats stand for themselves, and one minor incident in a stellar career, should not be worth 8 selfish and uninformed votes.