04 December 2008

they're grrrrrrrrrrreat! - 1972 edition

whether they are actually '3-d' is up for debate, but was there anything better than getting cards out of cereal boxes? no, not even getting cards off the backs of twinkies or mailing in granola bar box tops.

we were usually a cheerios/total household growing up (general mills), but once in a while we would get a rogue box of kellogg's rice krispies that might contain a decent prize.

here are a few of the 1972 edition of kellogg's cards.

wes parker.wes was just before my time - he retired following the 1972 season, although he did play for a short time in japan after his retirement. known as a gold-glove first baseman, he also played the outfield according to kellogg's. i know him from the brady bunch, where he appeared as a boyfriend of greg’s math teacher. he also appeared on other classic tv shows of the era – emergency!, police woman and simon & simon, to name a few.

willie davis. the '3 dog'. willie took over for duke snider in centerfield and went on to have a great career. he holds a bunch of los angeles dodger career records, and held even more at the time of his retirement. willie also appeared on a few tv shows, including mr. ed and the flying nun.

claude osteen.claude was a key part of the dodgers 1965 world championship and also pitched well in the 1966 world series. he was also the winner of the 1970 all star game, thanks in part to pete rose destroying ray fosse. as far as I know, claude has not done any acting. maybe he wants to direct.


night owl said...

Nice cards! My brothers and I loved getting thoses 3-D cards out of our Frosted Flakes, but we'd get so frustrated with the card we'd get ('77 Rick Manning, for example), that we sent away for the complete set four years in a row.

gcrl said...

i didn't wisen up to the complete set until 79 or 80. i think i traded away most of the non-dodgers from that set.
i'll post (no pun intended) more of my kellogg's cards in the future.