05 December 2008

basking in the glory

to me, the most interesting part of this 1999 fleer ultra card is not carlos perez, not his sunglasses, not his ugly batting practice jersey, and certainly not the fact that he's shagging balls (oh, if only he had pulled a fidrych). no, to me, the most interesting part is the background. it's the outfield wall at dodger stadium, and what you see is part of the text "1988", commemmorating kirk gibson and the dodgers' world championship. but carlos wouldn't know about that.

here is a much better look at that portion of the wall - complete with gibby and his raised arm salute to the scout who told him to look for the 3-2 backdoor slider even though eckersley rarely went to a full count.

carl everett can only bask in gibson's glory.

1 comment:

night owl said...

That's a great background on the Everett card. But why did Ultra do that to Everett? You're so distracted by the background, you barely know Everett is there.