09 December 2008

halfway to crazy - hot stove at the hot corner

ned is halfway to a full infield as it looks like the corners are set - loney at first, and now casey blake at third.this will be the 6th straight year with a new third baseman on opening day, assuming blake is out there on april 6th. in fact, in the 26 seasons (yikes!) since the penguin manned the hot corner, the dodgers have trotted out 15 different opening day third baseman; blake will be 16.

let's reminisce, shall we? first, there was ron cey. he started every season from 1974 to 1982.in 1983 there was pedro guerrero. then german rivera. guerrero again. madlock (twice!). guerrero again in '88.jeff hamilton twice. lenny harris twice. tim wallach twice. we're on a roll! then dave hansen. mike blowers. todd zeile twice, adrian beltre twice, chris donnels, then beltre three times!followed by jose valentin, bill mueller, wilson betemit and 2008's surprise starter, blake dewitt. dewitt likely moves to second base. good lord, we need manny's bat.
casey is signed for three years, plus an option. what are the odds that he is our opening day starter for more than the next 2 years? well, here's hoping.

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