17 December 2008

more heartbreaking cards

matt recently sent me a nice stack of cards, including the following:
2008 allen & ginter russ(ell) martin
the muted coloring and full body pose on this card really makes it stand out. one of my favorite 2008 cards for sure.
2008 ud timeline manny ramirez
who knows where manny will wind up. yankees? angels? maybe he'll accept an offer and then ned will try to make something happen.
2008 bowman orange freddy sanchezwhy, it's a double play with raffy as the lead runner. if furcal is healthy, i think he should be/have been the dodgers' top fa priority. i have to believe that there are legitimate concerns about his ability to live up to a multi-year contract, so i understand the dodgers hesitance prior to today. now, it looks like ned is getting sucked in to doing something he didn't really want to do.
there were more great cards but time is short. thanks again matt.

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