07 December 2008

perfection on cardboard - simply sandy

it's been less than 2 months since i learned about the existence of this card, thanks to a night owl post. i was on ebay looking for it within minutes of reading about it. it's the 2007 upper deck masterpieces sandy koufax card. i can't match, and won't rehash what greg had to say about it, so i won't. i will only say that it is one of my top 10 favorite cards, visually, ever. it is perfect.


Scott C. said...

Man I'm bummed that I didn't start recollecting until this year. this year's Masterpieces are some of my favorite cards ever and last year's look even better!

night owl said...

Glad I was able to alert you to such a great card. I actually have ended up with two more through trades. A Sandy Masterpiece trifecta!