02 December 2008

box office boffo boxbuster trade

i don't know if that title even makes sense. at any rate, i just received some cards from boxbusters in return for the cards of cards i sent to him. to beat my joke to death, all those jack clark and ozzie smith cards were making my tom niedenfuer cards nervous.
i received a bunch of 08 allen & ginter - still trying to complete my set - including:

jason schmidt.
you know, i don't even have an opinion on jason. i didn't care for him when he was on the giants, but in this day and age, loyalty doesn't count for much. any dislike i thought i had of jason is really better steered at ned coletti for signing damaged goods to such a ridiculous contract. sure, he traded for manny, but even blind squirrels find nuts once in a while.

dmitri young.
he looks happy. too bad he's not trying a head first slide into third...

bj upton.
i had upton on my fantasy team last year. i was able to trade him for manny just before the all star break. sure, i lost out on steals, but manny's second half was epic. plus, once he was traded to the dodgers, it was the best of both worlds for me.

there were also a few dodgers and a couple of twins. here's one of the cards

2008 ud goudey russell martin.
i was expecting ken griffey jr to be quoted on the back saying something like "russell is a bad bad man" but, alas, no. also, why is the runner sliding feet first into first base? doesn't he know that slows you down? run through the bag!
thanks will. the cardinals are piling up again...

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Ross said...

Glad they arrived safe and sound!
Post turned out well ;)