18 December 2008

oh, furcal-ing out loud - or - all i want furcal-smis is a healthy shortstop

just when you think he is gone, ned pulls him back in. furcal for 3 years at $30 million. this is the only furky card i have scanned at the moment - a 2008 ud ballparks six swatches. shown with fellow brave/ned free agent fiasco andruw jones and recent send-off takashi saito.b/w those angels of anaheim vlad, howie and jered.now back to the issue at hand. an infield of loney blake furcal dewitt. not as catchy as gcrl, but oh well. the main thing that bothers me about all this (besides the fact that dayf is upset) is that he missed most of last season. we did ok without him. the one thing that made a difference in the lineup was a big right-handed bat.losing one of our top starters and that big bat may mean that even with a healthy furcal we will fall short. i mean, is hu not ready?would he not be able to do as well as berroa did? can't this money go towards a bat?

the other thing that bothers me is that raffy's agent was quoted as saying he didn't want furcal to make a decision based on emotion, as raffy was really excited to return to the braves. who's best interests are at the forefront here?

don't get me wrong - i like furcal. i am glad he is on my team. i just hope he stays healthy. and i hope ned knows what he is doing. at any rate, welcome back, raffy.


night owl said...

If Raffy is healthy (and that is a very big IF), then this is great for the Dodgers. An anchor at short. A spark at the top of the lineup. You can do so many things with that.

But yeah, Dodgers still need a big bat and a starting pitcher. I guess they have more money than we think they do (I hope anyway).

dayf said...

Angry! grrrrr

Oh, and Hu needs to be converted from shortstop to first base. PRONTO.

Anonymous said...

Is that Manny card from the aborted UD Update?

Anyway, yeah, so I guess Furcal's back with us. Just hope his vertebrae are going to hold up for the next three years.