30 December 2008

cards from saint nick, i mean dan

well, they were from dan at saints of the cheap seats actually. they arrived a few days before christmas, and were a lot of fun to go through. i picked out a few to share.

1989 fleer sticker.i don't have too many stickers. puzzle pieces, holograms, and brittle sticks of gum are all plentiful here, but not stickers.

another oddball - 1999 ud choice adrian beltre floating head insert. the card comes with a baseball quiz - essentially, the question is against what american league team did adrian make his major league debut? the answer is inside his head, but rather than disassemble the card, i will use baseball reference. survey says...angels. they were just the anaheim angels back then.

2005 upper deck espn mike piazza. espy award winner.the strongest man in so-cal. or, italian-american superstar slugger. either way, piazza was a monster in la. he is one guy i wouldn't have minded seeing play a farewell season as a dodger. russell martin needed the rest.

another catcher - 2002 fleer ultra paul loduca.a couple of former dodgers here, with pedro astacio in the background. dodger stadium also featured. not a fan of loduca. the whole 'heart and soul' jim tracy/bill plaschke stuff made me like him even less. then came the mitchell report. boo.

finally, 1993 pinnacle 'the idols'. gregg jefferies and ron cey.

apparently, gregg jefferies was a fan of the penguin. and really, who wasn't?

thanks dan! i am stockpiling some tribe and oh my omars to send your way.


night owl said...

Oooh that Cey-Jeffries card is cool.

packaddict said...

Wow! I love the floating head card!