02 January 2012

a card so nice, he signed it twice

today is the day i kick off the 'timeless teams' blog.  don't forget to follow and/or hype the site on your blog by 1/8/12 to earn an entry/entries into a drawing for a steve yeager auto from the set.  now that the shameless plug is complete, i'll show you another of my cards from the 'common' autograph parallel set.

it's don sutton, a member of the 1977 dodgers featured in the set
i like the blue sharpie contrasting with the black and white image and complementing the blue bottom border.  sutton was 14-8 for the dodgers in 1977, and was the starting and winning pitcher in the all-star game.

we also get treated to dodger stadium on the front of the card, as well as the back
there's something else cool about the back.  for whatever reason, sutton decided to sign it as well.  two autos for the price of one! awesome!  i'm not sure if sutton did this for other cards as well, but would love to find out.

and don't you worry, richard p. mcwilliam.  i am enjoying my autographed card!


unclemoe said...

Weird that he signed it on the back too.


Dodgerbobble said...

Damn that's nice. I need to add a Sutton auto to my collection.

Stealing Home said...

don sutton was the ace when i was growing up. he's the closest i ever got to seeing a no-hitter live. i saw him pitch a one hitter.
like dodger bobble sez - i would like a sutton auto myself.

MrMopar said...

I got that same card in recently. No signature on back.

Ryan said...

That double signature is awesome.