07 January 2012

no more double plays!

i am almost done with double play cards - at least in terms of weeding out the pretenders from the contenders for the upcoming 'greatest double play card of all time' tournament.  i still need to finish the seeding.  my goal is to get this going before 2012 cards start pouring out.  anyway here are a few more that i am considering.

1991 o-pee-chee marty barrett
landscape with a soiled bottom.  not bad.

1995 score gold rush rafael belliard
decent air.

1996 pinnacle sportflix alex rodriguez
yes kids, he used to play shortstop.  very well, in fact.

1997 upper deck had a bunch.  here's mark lewis
spring training pivot

mark loretta
two future dodgers! one had a big hit and one a big fizzle

chris snopek
with a bonus shot on the back
john valentin
chili looks to be a long way away from the base.

randy velarde
big mac comin' at you!  on the back too!
walt weiss
i think there will have to be an honorable mention award in the tourney named after walt weiss.  he has a bunch of nice dp cards.  kurt stillwell too, maybe.

2010 topps ozzie smith sp

1997 pinnacle delino deshields
not graceful

1999 fleer tradition eric young
a turn so nice, the cubs player lowers his head in respect.

ok, that's enough.  look for the tourney later this month.

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