08 January 2012

ok, i lied. here are a few more double play cards

just clearing the queue before the tourney starts, although we've seen most of these before.  just not with the autos!

i really like this 1973 topps card.  i hope it does well.  that's dick green lying in the dirt.  he was nice enough to sign the card for me, further cementing it as one of my favorite dp cards
even though tony perez was safe at first.

here's mickey morandini's 1997 topps card which he signed for me
dodger stadium and mitch webster goodness!

here's red sox/dodger hybrid bill mueller's 2006 topps card
mueller didn't get a chance to turn many dp's when he arrived in la since he spent most of his time at 3rd before he got hurt.
here's a card of him actually wearing a dodger uniform - his 2006 upper deck card
finally, no auto, but a 1986 topps jerry royster card that looks like it could have been part of an early to mid 1970's set
ok.  no more double play cards until we kick off the tournament. i'm serious.

1 comment:

Spiegel83 said...

Cool, Mueller autos. Does he still work for the Dodgers?

Also, thanks for helping me get on my feet with TTMs. I have been having great success so far.