03 January 2012

this other time, at dodger stadium...

...the braves came to town in august of 1996.  thanks, upper deck, for doing it right in your 1997 set.  here's the crime dog in dodger stadium
and his teammate marquis grissom, also in chavez ravine
two future dodgers in their future home park!  mcgriff scored a run and was thrown out at home, so if he is indeed rounding third in the photo on his card, it would have come from one of those moments.  grissom is getting a 'bead' on a flyball off the bat of either chad curtis or juan castro, based on the boxscore at baseball reference.
the backs of the cards are also pretty cool
there's tom prince!  i think this brings the total of cards prince appears on as a dodger to two.  the game the previous day went 18 innings, and mike piazza caught 14 of them.  prince relieved him and got the start the next day.

grissom's back is also full of dodger stadium goodness
although there are no lurking dodgers.  man, this is what documentary could have been...

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