24 January 2012

that lurking lasorda

sometimes, tommy lasorda shows up where you would least expect him.  like fielding grounders behind a rookie first baseman on eric karros' 1993 upper deck sp card.
other times, he's congratulating players as heroes returning to the dugout like tim wallach on wallach's 1994 upper deck card
or trying to impart some knowledge to bob ojeda on his 1992 upper deck card
although, if i were ojeda, i'm not sure i would take the advice of a guy who was 0-4 on his career.  other times, he appears in name only, like on roger mcdowell's 1993 upper deck card.
of course, he also fills out cards all on his own as seen on this 2003 upper deck vintage card.
hopefully there are some card photographers getting ready to head to spring training.  i'd take a boring posed photo with tommy lurking in the background any day.

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