29 January 2012

la brea tar pits? seriously, pinnacle?

alongside such dodger mainstays as vin scully, tommy lasorda, don drysdale, and sandy kofax (yes, pinnacle does not subscribe to the well known fact that there is a 'u' in 'koufax'), pinnacle in 1997 decided to add a few more things that people might associate with the dodgers.  take a look at eric karros' poorly centered card to see if you can read some of them.

actually, try delino deshield's card, which is a little bit easier to read.
dodger blue. the lakers. hollywood. i suppose those make sense if you are playing word association. but mixed in with those, although not entirely on one line, is the phrase 'la brea tar pits'. now, i have been to the la brea tar pits, and they are pretty cool, but that would be pretty low on my list of things i associate with southern california, let alone the dodgers. disneyland. magic mountain. lax. the sunset strip. malibu. heck, the price is right is more socal to me than the tar pits.

another thing that bugs me about 1997 pinnacle are the backs.  here's the karros back
now, the deshields card, like the karros, is in landscape format with the foil printing on the left side.  then how come when i turn the deshields card in the same way i turn the karros card the back is upside down?
pinnacle's homage to 1953 topps?  perhaps.

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