28 June 2011

what a difference a year makes

heckuva game last night, right?  the dodgers got that shutout i thought i had jinxed them on with my post yesterday.  plus, they scored 15 runs!  trent oeltjen was 90 feet shy of the cycle, matt kemp went 4 for 5 and chad billingsley pitched 6 strong innings.  the most surprising thing was hearing joe mauer booed by the twinkie faithful.  at least the weather was nice for a change.

i was thinking more about how the two teams have both been playing poorly this year, with each team in 4th place (the twins sunk to last in the al central after last night's debacle) and about 9 or 10 games out.  when i got home from the game, i was looking through my 1965 topps cards and saw this
 in 1964, the dodgers finished 6th in the national league.  here's the twins' team card from 1965
what a coincidence! the twins also finished in 6th in 1964.  well, we all know what happened the next year - the twins won the al pennant
 as the dodgers did in the national league
so, from 6th to first for both the twins and dodgers.  maybe there's hope for both teams yet this year.  although knowing what happened yesterday in the delaware court and based on what i saw last night, i wouldn't bet on it.

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