14 June 2011

oh my o-padrographs!

rod at padrographs and i have made several trades over the last couple of years, and i am always happy to see a package in my mailbox from the pacific northwest.  recently, there was a package on my doorstep - too big to fit in the mailbox - from rod, and i was a bit confused when i first opened it up.

there were a couple of hundred loosely packed cards acting as packing peanuts, i guess.  that's ok because they were a bunch of wrestling and other non-sports cards.  there was this 2007 donruss americana jennie finch, however,
which i found because i dutifully went through the entire box just in case rod had included some cards i might actually collect.  i am being a bit sarcastic, because as soon as i moved some of the loose cards out of the box, i saw this
a baseball signed by former dodger closer and coach charlie hough.  on the sweet spot!  i believe rod picked this up at a goodwill store of all places, if i remember a long ago blog post correctly.

there were also five rolled up uncut card strips in the box. they were none other than 1992 o-pee-chee uncut strips
featuring many of the checklist variations as well as a juan samuel and an eddie murray text variation.  that is o-pee-chee awesomeness.  i am glad i have the complete 1992 set, otherwise i would have learned from rod's package that there are some undocumented (no mention of them in beckett or the baseball card catalog) text variations in this set.

after digging through most of the junk cards, i did find a 2010 topps allen & ginter andre ethier
and a 2003 carl's jr padres steve garvey card
that were nicely protected.

rod, thanks very much for the cards and the ball.  i'll get some more stuff to you soon.

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cubsfan731 said...

I've been looking for that Jennie card for a while now. Remember me if you come across another one.