02 June 2011

thinking of gary carter...

gary carter, who was with the dodgers for the 1991 season, got some bad news this week.  the tumors found on his brain were determined to be a glioblastoma, and he will begin chemotherapy treatment immediately.

i love this 1992 score card of carter 
it features a presumed play at the plate, at dodger stadium, and showcases carter's respect for his time spent playing for the expos in canada.  i used to display both the american and canadian flags as carter does on his helmet, and i was struck with a feeling of camaradarie when i first saw this card 19 years ago.

carter has more cards showing him in dodger blue than you might think, but this is my favorite.  it's pretty much perfect.

here's to you kid - my thoughts are with you and your family.

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Tony said...

Right on. I was an Expos fan first, my first ballcap was the Expos tri-color. I was always a big fan of Carter's, he was Canada's first baseball superstar in my opinion. The Expos of those years gave me something to cheer about, when the Blue Jays were really crappy just starting out. I still have on my basement wall a framed autographed Gary Carter poster that I got when I was about 12 or 13 at an auto show he was at. Praying he gets through this.