23 June 2011

travelin' man

over 60 years ago, billy delury was hired by the dodgers to work in the mailroom.  he soon began working in the ticket office, and, in 1979, became the team's traveling secretary - a post he held for more than 20 years.

in that role, made popular by george costanza (and i'm sure delury didn't have to do 'the opposite' to get the job), delury was primarily responsible for arranging travel accomodations for the team and for distributing tickets.  i don't know how many autographs he has signed, but i am thankful that took the time to sign and return my 1980 topps team card
that's him on the left in the dark suit, standing in left field at dodger stadium, sometime during the 1979 season.  delury and vin scully both started with the team in 1950, and i believe delury's last role with the team was as a part-time assistant to the broadcaster.  for all i know, delury may still be serving in that role, maintaining a tandem link to the days in brooklyn.

whatever he is doing now, i appreciate the time and service he gave to the organization and its players.  thanks mr. delury!

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